Half of Americans Don't Like the Job President Trump's Doing

Half of Americans Don't Like the Job President Trump's Doing

In one sharp-edged comment, Clinton brought up "obstruction of justice" in a speech to graduates of Wellesley College as she compared Trump to Richard Nixon.

More than a fifth of Clinton voters say they have an unfavorable view of her.

This comes as a national ABC/Washington Post poll released on Sunday showed that Mr. Trump's disapproval rating jumped to 58 percent, findings that Mr. Trump directly addressed on Twitter.

Among Trump voters in these counties, just 25 percent believe the House Republican health care bill is a good idea, while 16 percent think it's a bad idea and 59 percent are unsure or have no opinion. If you believe the Trump campaign colluded with Russian Federation to influence the election, you believed it a long time ago. They appear largely to be more concerned that Democrats have not settled on the best way to approach 2018 - and 2020.

That result contrasts with a Post poll taken soon after the presidential election and the post-inauguration Women's March that found Democrats more interested in increasing their involvement in politics. Many said they wished Sen.

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It's unclear when she went missing or whether anyone alerted authorities about her disappearance before the video's release. TJWG said its findings could be used in future investigations into crimes against humanity in North Korea .

Asked who he would rather have a beer with if neither one of them was president, Cowart said he'd rather stay home.

On the other hand, there is evidence that Trump's struggle to pass major legislation has not sapped Republicans' motivation to turn out. Trump, who campaigned on draining the D.C. swamp, ending the nightmare of Obamacare and securing the USA border, was declared victor of the 2016 presidential election. About two-thirds of each say they are certain to vote in midterm elections, although Republicans who doubt Trump's accomplishments are less likely to support GOP control of Congress to help his agenda.

For Trump's policy issues, 75 percent of those polled said they support Trump's pledge to bargain with global companies to keep jobs in the United States; 68 percent support his willingness to take action against North Korean nuclear development; 66 percent support his use of military force to respond to Syria's use of chemical weapons; and 53 percent back his travel ban targeting six majority-Muslim countries. Just over half of voters say Trump will not be a factor in their votes.

"I felt like there was a smugness and that she was just a politician who was called a Democrat, but could have been a Republican", said poll participant Robert Taylor, 46, a second-grade teacher from suburban Chicago who voted for Clinton, but would have preferred Sanders as the Democratic nominee.

The poll was conducted in English from July 8 to 12, based on interviews with 1,001 United States adults ages 18 and older and has a +/- 3.1 percentage point margin of error.