Ottawa aware of reports Canadians detained in Mosul

Ottawa aware of reports Canadians detained in Mosul

The site south of the city is now home to 370 detained men, an official at the facility told visiting AP reporters, who photographed dozens of men crammed into small, dark, unventilated rooms in daytime temperatures exceeding 45 degrees C. She was with around 30 other women from Russia, Turkey, Canada and Chechnya, some of whom wore suicide vests and were carrying automatic weapons.

Iraq declared victory in Mosul this week after a almost nine-month fight ravaged the city and took a heavy toll on residents and security forces.

"The majority can't walk". They could have been moved to Syria. He said a provincial health team checks on the prisoners "occasionally".

Around 2,800 prisoners are said to be held in the Qayara air base south of Mosul, and hundreds more in a few smaller centres.

Prisoners who were discreetly interviewed by the AP insisted they were innocent.

"You won't find ten real (ISIS members) among these guys".

"I think with husbands fighting and dying, a lot of these women are going to start surrendering or get captured trying to blend into the civilian population".

'They said my name was in their database, ' the man continued. I haven't seen any court or judge.

Wenzel's mother said in July past year: "When she did not come back and then I found out she had never even been there, I called the police".

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In one prison, 1,150 detainees have passed through in a three months, while officer guarding the jail said conditions are dire. Some "have pus coming out of their wounds".

Al-Abadi said that Iraq's recent victories over Daesh go towards ensuring the security of the Iraqi people and the stability of the country.

"None of us have received any visitors, relatives, family members". He, however, did not know their fate, whether they were killed, captured or returned back to India.

Isis militants were notorious for atrocities, both against civilians and Iraqi security forces, often hunting down anyone connected with the police or military after they overran territory.

Horror videos have emerged of ISIS suspects being thrown from a high wall next to the Tigris River by Iraqi forces.

Members of the Iraqi forces advance toward the Old City in western Mosul on March 13, during an offensive to retake the city from ISIS. Along the way, he has shot to death detained militants after interrogating them, he acknowledges unapologetically.

Human Rights Watch have accused Iraqi forces of holding dozens of women and children with alleged links to IS at a "psychological and ideological rehabilitation" camp, with the organisation urging Iraq not to punish the entire families of IS fighters. Despite the military's vows not to tolerate it, she said no soldier or commander has been held accountable for any killings.

For a country that has been all too accustomed to bad news over the last fourteen years, the liberation of Mosul was a big breath of fresh air for Iraqis of all ethnicities and sectarian affiliations.