Public Defenders: Body Cam Footage Shows Officer Planting Drugs

Public Defenders: Body Cam Footage Shows Officer Planting Drugs

But it has become a flash point sparked by video from one of the officer's body cameras.

That's what seemed to happen in Baltimore recently, when a police officer appeared to accidentally record himself planting drugs at a crime scene. The drugs - and the officer's testimony of finding them - were to be used in a case against a suspect. It added that "the officers involved are still witnesses in other active cases that are now being pursued for prosecution in Baltimore City Circuit Court".

Baltimore officers began wearing body cams in May 2016 and 47 videos were "forwarded to the Internal Affairs Section" for possible instances of officer misconduct in the first six months.

Body camera footage featuring what is an alleged act of evidence by the police has Baltimore's cops in the spotlight once again.

The Baltimore Sun reports the officer has been identified by public defenders as Richard Pinheiro - who is now an active witness in more than 50 ongoing cases.

"Perception is reality. So, if our community thinks there are police officers who are planting evidence during the course of their duty, that is something that will certainly keep me up at night", said Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.

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Police haven't reached any conclusions, David said. Officer Richard Pinheiro, can be seen in the video, allegedly placing drugs in the alleyway and later going back to "discover" to drugs to make his arrest.

Body camera footage led to felony drug charges being dropped against a man in Pueblo, Colorado, in a similar incident earlier this year.

Video first reported by WBFF showed the unidentified officer in January, with the first frames capturing him putting drugs into a soup can lying in an alley. Police said they recovered a plastic bag with 25 gel capsules of heroin. Pinheiro and the two unnamed officers in the videos are now being investigated by authorities.

"The release of [this body camera video] tells me and hopefully [the public] that there was a little more to this", Davis told reporters.

At the news conference, Deputy Commissioner Jason Johnson shared three additional videos from the January 24 episode. "Officers should not be able to decide when to turn the cameras on and off, and footage like what was presented here needs to result in immediate action by the state's attorney and the Police Department".

"We look to officers with respect", said Lamont Davis of Baltimore.