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US Navy to commission first Ford-class aircraft carrier CVN 78

US Navy to commission first Ford-class aircraft carrier CVN 78

Equipped with state-of-the-art systems, it is unlikely to deploy for another five years following its "shakedown" period, during which kinks with the shipyard, engineers and crew members are to be worked out, the newspaper said.

President Donald Trump is delivering remarks in Norfolk, Virginia at the commissioning ceremony of the USS Gerald R. Ford.

"For years, our government has subjected the military to unpredictable funding, and a devastating defense 'sequester, '" the president said.

Despite those plans, Trump said, the USA government has been stingy and inconsistent with its financial support of its military, prior to his time in office.

She said: "There is no-one, absolutely no-one, who would be prouder of the commissioning of this mighty ship than the president of the United States, Gerald R Ford".

Construction on the USS Ford began in 2009, and was to be completed in 2015 at a cost initially projected at $10.5 billion.

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Ford (CVN 78) is the first vessel of the US Navy's new Gerald R. Ford-class, which in turn is the navy's first new class of aircraft carriers in more than 40 years.

The warships are being built by Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc.

The president's return visit Saturday was falling during what the White House has coined as "Made in America" week, during which Trump and other administration officials highlighted a wide assortment of products - ranging from trucks and helicopters to baseball bats and glass bottles for pharmaceuticals - that are manufactured in the United States.

The Navy plans to spend $43 billion developing and building the three new Ford-class ships-Ford, the future USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79), and the future USS Enterprise (CVN 80). "This has led to deferred maintenance, a lack of investment in new equipment and technology and a shortfall in military readiness. We demand victory and we will have total victory, believe me", Mr. Trump said of the powerful aircraft carrier. The Navy veteran's presidency was largely about restoring trust in the Oval Office, and that's represented in the Ford Foundation's motto: "Integrity at the helm". "You going to goddamned steam, the digital costs hundreds of millions of dollars more money and it's no good", Trump said. The Navy said the cost overruns and construction delays were due to the carrier's cutting-edge technology.

The US is unmatched in its naval power, with the Ford becoming the 20th commissioned carrier in their fleet - while the rest of the world has just 21 between them.