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Venezuelan officer hits musician Wuilly Arteaga with violin, attorney says

Venezuelan officer hits musician Wuilly Arteaga with violin, attorney says

Those who are against Maduro's brand of socialism said they would not vote in Sunday's election aimed at selecting the "constituent assembly".

Although both decisions were overturned within days, opposition leaders continue to lead the protests aimed at toppling President Nicolas Maduro, removing the members of the Supreme Court, restoration of local and regional elections, and release of political prisoners.

Romero said the 23-year-old musician was playing his violin on the streets of Caracas and was not breaking any laws when he was detained Thursday.

Members of the National Bolivarian Guard (GNB) arrest a protester during riots in Caracas, Venezuela, 27 July 2017. The Maduro government characterizes the country's crisis as the result of an economic war led by the worldwide right-wing and as a fiction created by opposition-influenced media.

With surveys showing that nearly 70 percent of Venezuelans oppose the assembly, the government wants to avoid embarrassingly low turnout in a ballot being boycotted by the opposition.

In implicit support for the opposition, Pence praised Lopez's "courage".

The UN human rights office is "deeply concerned" about the "very tense and very hard situation" in Venezuela, spokeswoman Liz Throssell told reporters in Geneva.

Clashes between antigovernment demonstrators and Venezuela's security forces have intensified, resulting in five more deaths, during the opposition's general strike against the regime of President Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro has remained determined to see through his plan, however, with backing from a loyal military.

Tension rises with Jordan after embassy guard shoots two
The two Jordanians, working for a furniture firm, had entered the embassy compound before the shooting, the police said. Israel's Cabinet said that they have allocated around $28 million for equipment and more security at the site.

"We have a card to play: a card that will win this game".

Voters Sunday will elect a 545-seat assembly that could do whatever it wants in rewriting the constitution - including abolishing the current National Assembly and even removing Maduro, said Luis Vicente Leon, a Venezuelan political analyst and college professor.

Mr. Maduro countered by urging the Opposition to "abandon the road to insurrection". The leftist president has repeatedly accused the USA of fomenting the unrest against him.

Critics like Rubio fear, however, that Maduro's true motive is to hold a vote to dissolve Congress, push through a new constitution and keep himself in total power of the already impoverished nation where soaring inflation and high crime run rampant. Protests against Maduro have been going on since the end of March.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada said the US government and the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, were responsible for a destabilizing campaign in Venezuela by opposing the elections.

The flagship airline in neighboring Colombia said it was suspending all flights to Venezuela, citing security concerns. The neighboring country said it would give 150,000 Venezuelans who had overstayed permission to visit another three months before they had to leave.

The extensions "should be understood by migrants as Colombia's vote of confidence in them", Christian Kruger, the head of Colombia's migration authority said in the statement. The US and Canada also warned against their citizens making non-essential travel to the country.

Patrick DeHaan, a Senior Petroleum Analyst for price-tracker GasBuddy, and Phil Flynn, a Senior Market Analyst for the PRICE Futures Group in Chicago, both told United Press International that, this week a potential ban on Venezuelan oil might have unintended consequences.