Will Smith is a sci-fi cop in his first Netflix film, 'Bright'

Will Smith is a sci-fi cop in his first Netflix film, 'Bright'

Smith was on hand at the annual event in San Diego to promote his new project, Bright - Netflix's first big foray into splashy action movie territory. "Just 'cause they're different doesn't mean anyone's better or worse than anybody", he later adds. "I don't think anyone is trying to say it's an identical experience". In an interview with IndieWire, the "Dunkirk" director criticized Netflix's distribution model, saying, "Netflix has a freaky aversion to supporting theatrical films". Although we don't know the exact financial information for some of Netflix's original movies, Bright likely has the largest budget so far. There is also that brand new trailer too.

When it comes to Netflix movies, there is still a sense of hesitation from people. More music and details about the global release of "BRIGHT: THE ALBUM" coming soon. Smith said this is all apart of the technological changes Netflix is bringing to the industry, but reiterated there's no reason the two can't co-exist. "When I saw Star Wars that was all new, I was completely blown away and so my whole life I have chased that and tried to give that feeling to fans".

Smith was asked about whether he agreed or not with Christopher Nolan's Netflix comments from earlier this week. Hastings has said time and time again that Netflix offering simultaneous streaming and exclusive content wasn't going to kill the film industry.

Will and David previously worked together on "Suicide Squad", with the actor admitting he appeared in that movie instead of starring in "Independence Day: Resurgence".

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Will Smith has said that social media has killed off the movie star by breaking down old boundaries.

"It's about a really fucked up LA. This is real shit", said Ayer of his Suicide Squad followup. I was able to do my sh- here.

"This is no bullshit PG-13 movie".