Instagram will turn photos you are replying to into stickers

Instagram will turn photos you are replying to into stickers

Both the features are not much useful but definitely a welcome addition and fun way to reply to someone. The Facebook-owned app has been building out its direct messaging capabilities, and the company just revealed a new feature that'll help transform the app into something users will want to use all day, every day.

"You can now reply with a photo or video to specific photos, videos, and reshared posts in Direct". What makes it special is the fact that you get the original photo - the one you are replying to - embedded into your own, so you can use it as a creative sticker. When replying to a comment on a shared image or video, for instance, it now defaults to sending that reply as a message, though that can be overruled. Instagram says that the reply made by the user will automatically turn into a sticker.

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With the latest update, when user reply to direct message with photo or video, a sticker of the original post will be added to the reply. They've done everything from creating the "Stories" feature to allowing DMs - and now, there's a new update that promises to change the way you send DMs. And as you can see in the example above, you can draw on the sticker, or add effects, as well as choose how big it is and where it's placed in your photo reply.

The company has rolled out this new feature on its iOS and Android apps.