Mayor latest victim of Philippine Duterte drugs war

Mayor latest victim of Philippine Duterte drugs war

Reynaldo Parojinog, mayor of the city of Ozamiz on Mindanao island, was killed with his wife and 10 others at his home in a police raid. The mayor, his wife and ten other people were killed during the police raid.

Police say they were serving a warrant when the mayor's security guards fired at them, prompting an exchange of shots.

In previous interviews, Parojinog said he had launched his own anti-drug campaign in Ozamiz, even before President Duterte started his war on illegal drugs past year.

I heard Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog was feeling paranoid to the point that before last Sunday's bloodshed, she had the cell phones of city hall employees confiscated to find out who were sending messages to the police about her family's activities.

The Parojinogs were among powerful warlord clans whom President Rodrigo Duterte has named as biggest narco-politicians in violence-plagued Philippines.

He is the third mayor to have been killed in President Rodrigo Duterte's crackdown on narcotics.

The incident comes a year after Mr. Duterte launched a war against the drug trade.

Following the raid police arrested Parojinog's daughter, the city's vice-mayor, and said she would face charges.

Espinosa was slain along with another inmate when they allegedly shot it out with a police team sent to check on reports they continued to engage in the drug trade while detained at the Leyte provincial jail in November 2016.

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Espenido, who oversaw the simultaneous, post-midnight raids on Parojinog's residence and three other houses, described the mayor as a "high-value target on illegal drugs".

The drug killings have been widely criticised by Western governments and human rights groups that have called for an end to what they suspect were extrajudicial killings related to the anti-drug campaign.

"Why are search warrants, served before dawn as in the cases of Mayor Espinosa and now, Mayor Parojinog, result in the deaths of the persons being searched?"

The president's spokesman mentioned that in the statement released today.

Duterte has vowed not to stop until the last drug trafficker in the country has been eliminated.

Police also said they found drugs, rifles and money at the home.

Ammunition, weapons and illegal drugs were seized. All 15 suspected drug lords at the scene of the crime and their "armed to the teeth" bodyguards are killed.

According to human rights groups, Philippine security forces and "unidentified gunmen" have killed nearly 8,000 Filipino drugs suspects, the largest number of civilian deaths in South-east Asia since the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia in the 1970s.