Twitter Reacts To Sean Spicer Rejecting Offer From 'Dancing With The Stars'

Twitter Reacts To Sean Spicer Rejecting Offer From 'Dancing With The Stars'

Sean Spicer's recent resignation from his post in the White House has caused a great deal of buzz, RadarOline.com can report, and has even led him to receive an unexpected invite to participate in Dancing with the Stars.

According to sources close to Spicer, he wouldn't have fared well anyway - "He's not a good dancer", they told TMZ.

While he will not be lacing up his dancing shoes any time soon, the former Republican National Committee staffer can be expected to return in front of a camera soon.

Many went to Twitter to share their disappointment in not seeing Spicer on "Dancing With the Stars".

Spicer said that he resigned to "give the president and new team a clean slate", CNN reported.

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Some users, who were hopeful of watching the former press secretary flaunting his dance moves on television, were disappointed after hearing the news of him declining the offer.

The news was first covered by the New York Post, which reported that Spicer met "with all the major TV and news networks, including NBC, CBS and Fox News last week".

Barnett was not able to be reached by Page Six and Spicer did not comment, according to the publication.

Spicer left his job at the White House last month and was replaced by Wall Street's Anthony Scaramucci.

"Sean Spicer became the public face of a modern-day 'emperor with no clothes, ' having to pretend that everything's fine, when in reality he was the mouthpiece for an administration that didn't know what it was doing", Dr. Jeffrey P. Jones, director of UGA's Peabody Awards. was quoted as saying by Forbes. Spicer, who was known for his combative White House press briefings with the media, was impersonated by Oscar-nominated actress Melissa McCarthy on "Saturday Night Live".