Gmail just hyperlinked a LOT of emails

Gmail just hyperlinked a LOT of emails

Similarly, when a user clicks a contact number, the dialer on their mobile device will be activated.

Google Gmail is unarguably the best mail app and is now used by more than a billion users across the world.

The latest update to Gmail and Inbox will now come with tappable phone numbers and addresses. All the users of Gmail for iOS and Android should therefore have, by the end of Tuesday 19 September 2017, with an improved ergonomics. The change is created to eliminate the need to copy and paste contact information into other apps before getting directions, responding to emails, or making phone calls, Google said. The company took this step to save time of users and offer ease.

"Gmail users often exchange information like addresses and phone numbers with each other to set up meetings, introduce colleagues and plan events".

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If you tap or click on an email address, you will automatically get a compose message window open that has the email address in the send field in whatever your default email client is. This is a welcome change and will make users gmail experience better. Once the feature has been activated by Google, clicking an address in an email will open up Google Maps. Contacts and email address should open a new email using your default email application (probably Gmail or Inbox). Google has just added that feature right now.

The new feature has been integrated into both iOS and Android apps. The mail included a Google Doc link, which appeared legitimate but was actually not.

The rollout is occurring over the next one to three days, according to Google.