Ontario announces plans for marijuana sales

Ontario announces plans for marijuana sales

Canadian marijuana producers rose on Friday after Ontario said it will open as many as 150 government-run pot stores and allow online purchases as the country gears up for legalized recreational sales next July.

The results of this Ontario survey are still being digested, but in a Forum Research survey conducted in April 2016, 52% of Ontario respondents expressed the opinion that the best place to sell legal cannabis would be dedicated cannabis dispensaries.

The Ontario government is the first province or territory out of the chute to release a plan on September 8 to regulate cannabis, expected to be legalized by Ottawa next July.

The bill outlining that legislation is now before the Canadian Parliament. "[The survey will carry] lots of weight", Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi told the CBC in July.

"We have to have something in place by then", he said. But the province plans to cut those suppliers out of the coming gold rush.

Already, people are criticizing aspects of Ontario's plan.

Formal legislation will be introduced this fall after province-wide consultations.

At a press conference on Friday, ministers promised "tough new measures" to prevent impaired driving, though those are still way off.

"We are calling on the (Premier) Kathleen Wynne government to ensure that law enforcement, public health and local communities are properly consulted and have the tools they need as the Liberals roll out this proposal", Scott said in a statement.

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In Nova Scotia, no plans for how to tackle the legalization of marijuana have been released yet.

Just a couple weeks ago the premiers of all the provinces have met in Edmonton and announced their request to the federal government, which would postpone the legalization, but at that time it didn't look like Prime Minister Trudeau would agree to it.

A final decision on pricing and taxation of the drug has not yet been made.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) says any potential role for them hasn't been identified, as work on the province's cannabis plan continues.

The LCBO will oversee the legal retail of cannabis in Ontario through new stand-alone cannabis stores and an online order service.

High-profile cannabis supporter Jodie Emery tweeted it's "disgusting" that police and politicians who fought against legalization are now "cashing in on legal pot".

Ontario will prohibit individuals under the age of 19 from possessing or consuming recreational cannabis, which will allow police to confiscate small amounts of cannabis from young people.

The province's approach to protecting youth will focus on prevention, diversion, and harm reduction without unnecessarily bringing them into contact with the justice system.