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Students stabbed in Bronx school

Students stabbed in Bronx school

This is the first homicide inside a New York City school since 1992, when two teenagers were shot to death in the hallway of a Brooklyn high school about an hour before Mayor David Dinkins was to visit the school to talk about violence.

Cedeno lunged at McCree with his stainless steel switchblade, stabbing and slashing the victim's chest and torso, police said.

Suspect Abel Cedeno told police that both victims bullied him at the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation, according to a spokesperson for the NYPD. The building houses PS 67 and the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation. The incident was said to have happened in a classroom full of 15 to 20 students in it during the school's third period, police said, ABC News reported.

In addition to murder, manslaughter, and attempted murder charges, Cedeno, who lives in The Bronx, also faces one count of attempted manslaughter, two counts of assault, and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

The 18-year-old allegedly used a knife to stab a 16-year-old and a 15-year-old, police said. The dispute escalated Wednesday, culminating with the attack about 30 minutes into a history class.

After the stabbing, police say Cedeno handed over his switchblade and was walked to the assistant principal's office, where he quietly waited for police. City officials and parents have debated for years whether the school system should be installing more metal detectors or taking them away because of the stigma of attending a school deemed unsafe enough to require a weapons check.

A 15-year-old boy, identified by the New York Post as Matthew McCree, died at St. Barnabas Hospital shortly after being stabbed in the chest.

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A teenage boy accused of fatally stabbing a classmate and injuring another appeared before a judge in Bronx court Thursday.

"The machines as well as hand wands and we'll continue on a day-by-day to determine overall need", said Deputy Chief Executive of School Safety Mark Rampersant.

The school does not have metal detectors, officials said, adding that this knife would have been picked up if there were. It was not immediately clear whether the attacker was also a student.

"Her teacher gave me the 'thumbs up, ' saying that she's OK, but I still want to pick up my kid", Merced said.

Some students will feel safe because when classes start resume, they will go through metal detectors and be subject to random screenings.

"I tried to called the school".

The father rushed to the school, where he saw his daughter, a kindergartener, through a window waving to him.