Thousands Want to Rename Hurricane Irma After Ivanka Trump

Thousands Want to Rename Hurricane Irma After Ivanka Trump

In yet another horrifying public statement, Trump went off-script this week (surprise) when he was supposed to talk about taxes in North Dakota. Trump dialed up the creep factor to 10, adding: "She actually said, 'Daddy, can I go with you?' I like that".

"At the time she entered, the President had just sided with Democrats and agreed to support a deal that would ensure passage of disaster relief funding as well as raising the debt ceiling and continuing to fund the government into December, a senior GOP source told CNN's Dana Bash".

"Not weird at all", Colbert said sarcastically of Trump's comments.

Trump has a history of making unsettling comments about his daughter and her looks.

US President Donald Trump's daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump who has been touring various countries along with their father and taking part in primary discussions including that in G20 Summit where she has shared the dais with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British PM Terea May is expected to speak in a session at the 3-day Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad in November. The names alternate boy/girl and start with the letter A and end with Z. This week, Hurricane Irma is going to make landfall in Florida, and while the impact is yet to be seen, it's not looking good.

"That's why we appeal to the world meteorological Association with a request to rename hurricane "Irma" in a hurricane "Ivanka"," - said in the petition.

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The US President addressed a raucous crowd during a tax reform event in North Dakota with his stunning daughter.

After receiving a rousing ovation, Trump then responded with a cringeworthy "Thank you, honey".

"Daddy, can I come with you?"

Ivanka met with a moist day when she left Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, to board Air Force One on Wednesday. "Come on up, honey".

Mr Trump added that his daughter had asked to join him on the trip. Mounting the stage amidst warm applause from the crowd, She said, "hi to the state "we love", it is a pleasure to be back here".