Buffalo falls to Western Michigan in record-breaking 7OT game, 71-68

Buffalo falls to Western Michigan in record-breaking 7OT game, 71-68

Western Michigan (now 4-2) was 32nd in the nation in scoring, Buffalo (now 3-3) was 100th.

Buffalo's Adam Mitcheson made a 34-yard field goal to tie the game at 31 with 34 seconds left in regulation.

After that unexpected drama, the game was still a long way from being over. The Bulls responded, and then scored again in the fifth overtime.

Grant also missed a 29-yard attempt that would have been a game victor in the third overtime.

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That was how many sisters jumped out of the stands to congratulate her brother - an unofficial record for both teams - after believing he scored the winning touchdown in the first overtime. The Bulls kicked a field goal in the seventh round but Jarvion Franklin's 12-yard TD run clinched the game for Western Michigan. It lasted less than a year, as the combined 139 points are two more than what the Panthers and Orange accumulated.

Her presence drew a flag on Western Michigan, and got her ejected from the game.

Western Michigan had the ball first in the fourth overtime, and put the pressure on Buffalo with another touchdown and a successful two-point conversion. Western Michigan's Josh Grant attempted a 52-yarder as time expired but Jarrett Franklin blocked it. Western Michigan-Buffalo set the overtime points record of 136 points that was previously held by a four-overtime Boise State-Nevada game in 2007.