Content Creators Hit By YouTube External Link Changes

Content Creators Hit By YouTube External Link Changes

At the time, the Nintendo Creators Program was panned by the YouTube community, with many members expressing concern about the approval process, and how the amount they can earn on their videos or channels is subject to change. Channels NOT approved by the program can continue to livestream videos with Nintendo games, but channels that ARE approved by the program cannot livestream videos with Nintendo games.

But, according to the now-updated rules for the program, streaming Nintendo-owned games on YouTube Live is not allowed for any account registered in the program. The changes were announced in an email sent to content creators yesterday, although Nintendo didn't officially publish the changes to the program until today.

Content creators on YouTube have had issues with external links to sites such as Patreon. It adds that live streaming falls "outside the scope" of the program. So Nintendo has decided that live streaming Nintendo gameplay counts under their policies.

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The Nintendo Creators Program, which was launched in 2015, allows YouTubers to receive a portion of advertising proceeds from any videos containing Nintendo-copyrighted content. The company's second solution is that creators interested in streaming from their main channel withdraw their account from the program and instead submit videos to it on an individual basis. You can get tips from top creators in the YouTube Creator Academy. Cancelling the channel's registration means having to register the videos separately. This is most likely in direct response to the recent controversy regarding certain famous influencers like PewDiePie. Whether you're monetizing the video or not, Nintendo won't let it happen.

It's possible that Nintendo is trying to avoid a similar situation that could involve one of its games. This will be true regardless of whether creators want to monetize these streams or not.