Google Wallpapers brings fresh new wallpapers, but the best are Pixel

Google Wallpapers brings fresh new wallpapers, but the best are Pixel

With the new initiative, Android phone users will now be able to make video calls directly from were their call or message. It will also show up on the Pixel 2. Essentially Duo will try and place itself like FaceTime equivalent in the Android universe with the app being integrated into the three main system apps.

Google has just simplified video calling for Android users with its integration of Google Duo.

Google further confirmed that, the company in the upcoming months will upgrade an ongoing voice call to video with just a tap.

According to a Google blog post, the company is rolling out integrated video calling to first-generation Pixel, Android One and Nexus devices.

AirpodsforGA app lets you activate Google Assistant using AirPods
If you tried to do the same with Assistant on the phone though, you were greeted with an error message. If you're outside of the U.S. , you're also going to miss out - for the time being, at least.

Google's new initiative will make video calling easy and simple for the Android mobile users.

That's about to change though, with Google announcing plans to do with Duo what Apple has been doing with FaceTime for years. We're already seeing the integration on the Phone and Contacts app of the Nexus 6P, however, not within the Android Messages app yet. If one had to guess, it would probably be a safe bet that you can expect to find a Google Pixel 2 on hand at a Verizon store beginning today and well into the future. If you (and the call recipient) have a carrier that supports ViLTE, your video calls will go through that service.

Google says if ViLTE is not supported, then Duo will connect the video call to anyone with the app installed.

Are you pleased to see video calling become a more integral part of the Android operating system? So in this case video calls are routed through a high quality video channel.