Liam Payne Reacts to Rita Ora Imitating His Girlfriend Cheryl Cole!

Liam Payne Reacts to Rita Ora Imitating His Girlfriend Cheryl Cole!

"She's the most fantastic mum, which was no shock to me".

"We're all edging for her to get back to work, it's just finding the right time and the right way to do things".

This week, Cheryl opened up about her hard pregnancy, saying she "hated" the experience.

"I was literally grabbing people from the street and kissing them", she added about the music video, shot in New York City.

Cheryl also admitted that she had the deciding vote when it came to choosing a name, and thinks that mums should always get the final say. "It changes your life completely but in the most wonderful way". "I hated being pregnant".

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Liam Payne has praised his girlfriend Cheryl Tweedy as a "fantastic" mum. Cheryl and Liam caused controversy when they started dating due to their 10-year age gap.

The Strip That Down singer previously opened up about his son Bear and revealed that he began crying when his six-month-old son "learnt to blow raspberries".

This weekend, Cheryl - after vowing never to appear on The X Factor again - will appear on X Factor again, in a Judges' Houses cameo as Simon Cowell's sidekick (poor Sinitta). "So I'm going to take time, a few more months, until he's a bit more grown". Cheryl is set to join Simon Cowell to help judge the groups at his mansion in the South of France. "/ Don't make me bring up your dirty laundry / We always on and off until you're on me".

"She went through different things with it, especially coming out of it, but she did great. And then when I got pregnant I thought, 'Right, I just don't need this stress.' So I relaxed". Honestly, she's been so supportive of everything I've done so far.