Make Money Transfers Via PayPal in Facebook Messenger

Make Money Transfers Via PayPal in Facebook Messenger

Last year, PayPal and Facebook anounced a deepened relationship that allowed customers in the shop from online merchants using their Messenger chat bots, then transact in the messenger via PayPal. If PayPal has always been more convenient, though, you'll love this collaboration: Facebook and the payment service have teamed up to give you a new way to split the bill. Since digital banking is taking shape in the entire world, Facebook has made a decision to bring a new payment gateway for the users with which they can send out money through their PayPal account via Facebook Messenger app. This means that users can now send or request money using their PayPal accounts without leaving the Facebook Messenger app.

Meanwhile, PayPal has introduced its customer service bot for Messenger that will enable customer service interactions, including resetting passwords, handling account inquiries, etc.

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Paying back your friends is getting even easier. In the previous year, Facebook and Paypal allowed users to connect their accounts which ultimately allowed them to shop easily on Messenger using PayPal. Also, PayPal says that there are over 2.5 million users who have linked their PayPal accounts with the Messenger app. Trulia's bot, for instance, serves up rental listings to users who put in their zip code and price range, while Kayaks bot helps Messenger users find flights, places to stay and rental cars. For the operation to work, all you have to do is simply tap on the "+" icon which will bring up a green payment button. The bot has been built to assist you with your request. Just select PayPal option from the available option and you will be done.

Users in the USA are the first to get these new PayPal features and they should be live now with iOS and web going live before Android. You can access the feature the same way you'd pay with a card. Android users, according to the company, would soon have their turn.