Microsoft Edge Preview Comes to Android

Microsoft Edge Preview Comes to Android

One of the best feature about the new browser is that you can continue a webpage from your laptop or desktop. On the Windows Home and Pro versions there's no way to completely turn-off the telemetry system.

Commenting on the decision, Wilbert Tomesen, vice-chairman of the DPA, said: "It turns out that Microsoft's operating system follows about every step you take on your computer".

Although collection of data is a generally unpopular practice from a consumer standpoint, Microsoft does have valid uses and benefits from collecting extensive metadata. A preview version of Microsoft Edge (described by the software giant as "unreleased") is now available on Google Play. Thus, the brunt of the work in protecting against such attacks would fall on the browser's ability to block, for example, phishing URLs when a user is trying to open them.

Microsoft Launcher has a feed which is accessible from the right swipe and it shows top news, important events, recent activities, photos and most frequently used apps. She also goes on to state that just as Microsoft has worked with French and Swiss data protection agencies to tweak its Windows 10 telemetry settings to comply with local ordinances, it is also willing to work with the Dutch DPA.

Microsoft processes data from both levels of telemetry in order to fix errors, to keep devices up-to-date and secure and to improve its own products and services.

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These data are called "telemetry data".

The watchdog found that during the installation of Windows 10, users are encouraged to accept default settings that enable "full telemetry" rather than the more limited "basic" option.

Data Sync: Your favorites and reading list are synced across your devices, so no matter the device, your browser is always personalized to you.

On Friday, DPA said that they conducted a thorough investigation of Microsoft Windows 10 Home and Pro operating systems, and found that the users are not clearly informed "about the type of data it uses, and for which objective".

Replying to the concerns raised by the Dutch agency, Microsoft said it is working to comply with the Dutch data protection law. Facebook used to do something similar by making users' posts more public nearly every time it updated its privacy policy. However, the company made a similar promise a year ago to avoid being fined by the French DPA, too, so it remains to be seen if the changes Microsoft plans to make in a future Windows 10 update will indeed follow all of the law's requirements.