Microsoft 'not very supportive' of Japanese games, says NIS America

Microsoft 'not very supportive' of Japanese games, says NIS America

The Xbox One has an exclusivity problem. The action center is brand new to the guide, and users can find now find their settings page here. So that they would be ready when the Xbox One X arrives on November 7. Speaking of which, the guide has been reworked for faster navigation.

The Xbox One S 2TB model is now available over on eBay for just $329, and it's available in the launch white color, which looks mighty nice. And with the new home interface, players can pin their favorites on the home section, alongside games and apps.

Microsoft even says you'll be able to download 4K-ready titles ahead of time as part of its Xbox One X Enhanced games, grabbing these before the "X" console comes out, so you're ready to play and don't have to, you know, wait.

Instructions on how to prepare for the Xbox One X updates can be found here.

It's true that players hardly struggle for wonderful experiences, and Loftis was quick to point out the list of updated games for the upcoming Xbox One X: games like Halo 5, Dead Rising 4, Forza Horizon 3, and Gears of War 4 are all to receive updates. Each block-which can be a game, friend, Xbox Live Gold, or Xbox Game Pass-gives access to a range of related content. Friend blocks, for example, show recent achievements or Game DVR captures from your friends; Game blocks will give you info about game updates, your GameDVR captures, and so on.

If your internet bandwidth supports 1080p, your Xbox will automatically be switched to that setting.

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It's now faster and easier to move left and right through horizontal tabs with the left thumb stick or bumpers.

You can also use a USB webcam to broadcast yourself alongside your gameplay on Mixer, or to have a 1:1 or group video chat with friends using Skype.

There is also an Xbox Assist App for help. There seems to be some genuine excitement for the Xbox One X with pre-orders quickly selling out, but there's reason to be concerned about the system's high price and lack of exclusives.

But there's also an entirely redesigned Dashboard experience.

One of the biggest changes this update brings is the "Fluent Design System".