Volkswagen To Enter Mountain Race with Electric Car

Volkswagen To Enter Mountain Race with Electric Car

But we know it will be all-wheel drive, and we'd expect it to pack at least 745kW (1,000hp), given that VW is aiming to set a new EV record on the mountain, and it will be competing with other EVs with similarly massive power outputs. "It poses an enormous challenge and (is) excellently suited to proving the capabilities of upcoming technologies", Welsch says. But given the difficulty of the race, anything could happen - cars often break, go off-course, or weather can affect the race and make it impossible for anyone to set a record on any given year. VW announced today its plans to return to Pikes Peak, and this time, it's bringing an all-electric race vehicle. Frank Welsch, a member of the board responsible for development.

To be equipped with what Welsch describes as "innovative battery and drive technology", the new VW vehicle is to be driven at next year's Pikes Peak race by Roman Dumas, the event's 2014, 2016 and 2017 overall victor, according to insiders familiar with the automaker's plans. "It is high time for a rematch", Smeets continued.

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To do that, the comically winged Volkswagen will need to climb 1440 metres to the top of the peak in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. The record for completing the course by an electric prototype is eight minutes, 57.18 seconds, a record set by US driver Rhys Millen a year ago. "The extreme stress test on Pikes Peak will give us important findings that will benefit future development, and it will showcase our products and their technologies".

Next year's Pikes Peak Hill Climb will take place on June 24. The new motorsport project is part of VW's process of transforming itself into a leading producer of electric vehicles.