OnePlus 5T release pricing may be wallet-friendly

OnePlus 5T release pricing may be wallet-friendly

However, the wait is now over as the company is ready to launch OnePlus 5T on November 16. The base variant of the smartphone (6GBRAM+ 64GBstorage) is priced at Rs 32,999. Although there is nothing official about it, a report by TechRadar in the United Kingdom notes that the OnePlus 5T will sell at OnePlus 5 prices in that country. But it's actually the OnePlus 5, which was released back in June of this year. Although it is not official, it is a good hint that the OnePlus 5T won't see a price increase. But it appears that this is an extra effort that the company isn't ready to make.

The OnePlus 5T is expected to feature a new 6-inch QHD display crammed into the same housing as the OnePlus 5's 5.5-inch screen.

The most striking change that can be seen in the new render of OnePlus 5T is that it features a larger display with very thin side bezels.

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So, these are the expected features of the OnePlus 5T device. The Chinese smartphone maker is selling tickets to the event as of November 8.

The lack of wireless charging on the OnePlus 5T shouldn't be surprising to you if you've been following the leaks and rumors about the Chinese company's next smartphone. The event, set to be hosted in Brooklyn, New York will be open not only to journalists, but also the company's fans who are willing to pay $40. There have been some issues that have arisen with the OnePlus 5 since its launch, but overall it's still a great Android phone. While pricing outside the United Kingdom for the OnePlus 5T isn't confirmed by this report, it does state that it's unlikely OnePlus would keep the pricing the same in only one territory. The OnePlus 5T is powered by 6GB RAM coupled with 64 GB internal storage that can not be further expanded via microSD card. Similar to its predecessor, the 5T will come with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The speculations started brewing when the OnePlus 5 went out of stock in several major markets such as the US.