Trump administration to end TPS for Nicaraguans. No decision on Haitians, Salvadorans

Trump administration to end TPS for Nicaraguans. No decision on Haitians, Salvadorans

The Department of Homeland Security has ended Temporary Protected Status for Nicaragua, meaning that the 2,500 Nicaraguans living in the US under that special status have 14 months to leave the country.

On Monday, the DHS' Duke said the administration needed more time to determine whether to renew the visa for Hondurans, saying it will extend the programme until July of next year.

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Countries like Honduras and El Salvador have previously asked the Trump administration to extend the special protected status to its citizens.

"Haiti is a textbook case for an 18-month extension due to Hurricane Matthew, the cholera epidemic, and incomplete natural disaster recovery", said Steve Forester, immigration policy coordinator with the Boston-based Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti.

In March, DHS extended TPS for Haiti by six months, although many interpreted this move as a sign that they opposed the program and would be terminating it this fall.

A bill proposed last week by Miami Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo and co-sponsored by other members of South Florida's congressional delegation would grant TPS recipients from Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador and Nicaragua a path to permanent residency. Under advanced parole, TPS holders that entered the country unlawfully but married USA citizens can go overseas and return to the country and be inspected by immigration officials and gain the option to adjust their status.

Speaking with reporter by phone Monday night, acting DHS Secretary Elaine Duke said Nicaraguans living in the USA had 12 months to "seek alternative lawful immigration status" or make arrangements for their departure.

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The Washington Post reported Friday that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson paved the way for TPS to be withdrawn for Central Americans and Haitians by sending a letter to DHS stating that conditions in those countries had improved to the point that people no longer needed protection.

DHS has called on Congress to enact a permanent solution to resolve the seemingly imminent elimination of TPS in the memo and give options to the thousands of immigrations that are losing or may eventually lose these protections.

After the termination of the TPS designation, individuals will revert back to whatever legal status they had before they received TPS, senior administration officials said on a background call Monday night.

There are bipartisan legislative options now before Congress to protect TPS families. "This is yet another attempt by the Trump administration to dehumanize immigrants and communities of color, particularly when they are in their greatest need".

They called for TPS to be extended at 18-month intervals, as the current law requires, until Congress hammers out a legal fix.

"Every 16 hours there is a woman killed in Honduras", said Oscar Chacón from the Alianza Américas, stating the country remains one of the most unsafe places in the world.

While spared on Monday, Honduran TPS recipients say the extension just draws out the fear that their permits will not be renewed.