Black Mirror Season 4 Just Got An Official Release Date

Black Mirror Season 4 Just Got An Official Release Date

The fourth season of Black Mirror just got a trailer that teases the dark, depressing, allegorical delights that await fans when the Netflix series returns for another six-episode run.

Taker a look at it above! This news was announced earlier today, along with the relinquishing of a full trailer hinting at each of the admonitory anecdotes on deck.

What do you think about the Black Mirror news? However, thanks to the network, we now have sneak peeks of the six forthcoming episodes and a series trailer for our viewing pleasure. As Kiran Sonia Sawar notes, however, "memories can be subjective", and they're hardly a flawless record of events.

"Arkangel" is parenting à la Black Mirror, wherein a kid wandering off a playground is clear proof that "the key to good parenting is control", which means punching needles directly into children's temples. This is season 4's only "relationship" episode, but it doesn't reach the same ecstatic heights as season 3's Emmy-winning standout "San Junipero". Check it out in the player below and hit the links for the individual trailers for each episode.

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He boasts that "if it did something bad, chances are it's in here", and BuzzFeed noticed that some of the artifacts are familiar from previous episodes. "Hang the DJ" immerses itself in the real-life horror that is online dating.

"USS Callister" is a feature length episode, during which much of the story is set in space, directed by Toby Haynes and starring Plemons, Cristin Milioti, Jimmi Simpson and Michaela Coel.

Perhaps the most counterintuitive of the Season 4 offerings, "U.S.S. Callister" is being billed as a full-length Star Trek parody.