Feds want to seize Martin Shkreli's Wu-Tang album

Feds want to seize Martin Shkreli's Wu-Tang album

In addition to the Wu Tang Clan album, other substitute assets being eyed by the government include "The Carter V", a years-delayed and still-unreleased album by Lil Wayne.

Among those identified by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of NY are a one-of-a-kind album by the rap group Wu-Tang Clan for which Shkreli paid $2 million, an unreleased album by rapper Lil Wayne purchased from an unknown third party for an undisclosed amount, an original Picasso, as well as $5 million being held in an E*Trade brokerage account. A Brooklyn jury deliberated five days before finding Shkreli guilty on Friday on three of eight counts.

Reviled "Pharma Bro" and securities fraudster Martin Shkreli may have to part with some serious cash-or prized possessions-after U.S. Attorney Bridget M. Rhode requested the courts impose a forfeiture of more than $7.3 million on the shameful son of Sheepshead Bay.

Because of freakish threats against Hillary Clinton, posted to Facebook after his conviction, Shkreli has been awaiting his sentencing date in the custody of Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center.

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In a statement to TMZ, Shkreli's attorney Ben Brafman says, "Our position is clear".

Prosecutors listed out assets that they can possibly take from Shkreli, also including his stake in Turing Pharmaceuticals and an Enigma machine, which was used in World War II as a code breaker.

The motion filed Friday argued that the forfeiture amount was based on Shkreli's defrauding investors in MSMB Capital and MSMB Healthcare, and from the funds generated from the Retrophin Inc. shares transferred to defraud MSMB investors to pay them off.

After he was convicted, Shkreli put the Wu Tang Clan album - called "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" - up for auction on eBay. His sentencing is scheduled for next month.