UD joins national grad student rally against House tax bill

UD joins national grad student rally against House tax bill

At the 14 universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, 2,257 people used the tuition waiver benefit for their spouses or children in 2013-14, the most recent year for which the system had detailed data, according to Kenn Marshall, a spokesman for the system. And the USA benefits from this because the smartest of these people often stay here after they graduate, adding to our professional research workforce.

Many aspects of the bill would make higher education more expensive for families, even as colleges and universities are looking for ways to broaden access to education - one of the key ways for individuals to achieve economic independence.

Most graduate students we've talked to are aware of the situation.

"Tuition waiver" is the term for the provision in current tax code that allows students to exclude tuition costs covered by their university from their taxable income.

On the steps of the administrative building and through Coffman Plaza, a few hundred students called on university leaders to denounce the House version of a federal tax plan. They are also asking for the university to provide facilities such as transport and housing to students.

"Graduate school is so hard and add more financial stress to that situation just makes it discouraging for some", said Jeff Strietzel, president of Baylor's Graduate Student Association.

"I think a lot of people don't really know what graduate students do, especially as it relates to other parts of society ..." He lives on about $30,000 a year from a stipend provided by the university. Scientific industry in San Diego and around the country will suffer without graduate students. Graduate students form the backbone of research done at universities in the U.S. When professors proudly talk about the unbelievable work their lab is performing, the odds are that the critical contributions were made by an army of smart, hardworking grad students.

Some students held signs at the protest, one reading, "I can't eat tuition credits". "The university should be grateful to us for making the sacrifices to attend here at great personal expense and to enrich the great body of knowledge produced and disseminated here". "Only rich people would be able to receive a graduate degree", she said.

Speakers at the rally predicted the House bill would triple or quadruple the amount of tax paid by the typical graduate student worker.

A press release from the Council of Graduate Schools stated that the number of first time graduate programs leading to a master's degree or graduate certificate was 83.4 percent in the fall of 2016.

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University spokesperson Stephen McCarthy wrote in an emailed statement that Penn is "actively working" to address the concerns of graduate students. They are the ones that, through their teaching, inspire students to fall in love with foreign languages.

It would also repeal the estate tax, which could cut charitable giving by 6 to 12 percent and reduce bequests by 16 to 28 percent, according to studies by the Congressional Budget Office and the Brookings Institution.

Finally, we bring academic and professional challenges to our advisors.

And as Jacob Carter, a research scientist for the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists, warned recently, "it isn't just graduate students who will feel the consequences; such moves stand to affect us all".

We have a good network of support at CU Boulder and communicate very often with the dean of the Graduate School, Ann Schmiesing.

"This is our voice", she told them.

The event was organized by the graduate student and postdoctoral unions, along with other campus labor and political groups. Their real goal was to appease us.

We are also working to get better communication with the Board of Regents.

"It would more than double my income, without seeing a penny of additional income".

"From our freshmen whose loans are threatened, to our graduate students to whom insult will be added to injury, to their poor-based compensation and their lives in the future and to all of us who came and wanted to be here because of our public education mission; all of that is in danger of drying up", Bono said.