Android Things assisting with AI at CES 2018

Android Things assisting with AI at CES 2018

Google all but declared war on Amazon with its Google Assistant voice technology making its presence known at almost every turn on the showroom floor. Right now, there was no mention of recording, but that limitation is also with Alexa. The Smart Display is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 624 Chipset.

The Consumer Technology Association, which hosts CES, predicts that sales of voice-controlled speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home will hit 44 million this year, an increase of 60 percent over 2017 sales. They make it easy to watch YouTube videos, enjoy personal photos, follow recipes, control smart home devices and more.

Past year we brought the Assistant to Android TV devices including NVIDIA's SHIELD TV and Sony's Android TVs, so you can find the latest blockbuster, stock up on snacks with Google Express and set the ideal movie watching mood lighting.

The company largely invented the modern smart-speaker category with the summer 2015 launch of the cylindrical Echo speaker.

Based on The Smart Audio Report, smart speaker adoption is occurring on pace with the rapid adoption of smartphones a decade ago. The mirror already has Amazon's Alexa built in and responds to your commands accordingly, but do they have to be your commands? In fact, we've sold more than one Google Home every second since Google Home Mini started shipping in October. This latest move by Amazon seems more like an attempt to challenge Cortana, rather than work with it, unless it proves to be the first chapter in showing how Alexa and Cortana will be mutual supportive.

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Amazon also revealed today that Alexa users in the USA can now control their microwave ovens with simple voice commands, by stating phrases such as: 'Alexa, defrost three pounds of chicken'. Most large technology companies, like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon, reserve their product announcements for their own keynotes and events.

However, Amazon's Alexa software has a wider range of skills on offer that enable it to link up with and control more third-party devices around the home. Nor do I think voice would be a very good system for controlling home security devices.

The key benefit to AI is that it's supposed to be smart enough to learn your preferences and adjust accordingly.

The firm also revealed last month that Alexa is headed to the workplace.