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Nevada marijuana industry reacts to possible federal crackdown

Nevada marijuana industry reacts to possible federal crackdown

The new USA attorney in Massachusetts, Andrew Lelling, a Trump appointee who was confirmed by the Senate in mid-December, called marijuana "a unsafe drug" in his statement on Sessions' action.

The Obama-era policy of going easy on marijuana just went up in smoke, but it remains to be seen whether the new directive of Attorney General Jeff Sessions will have any impact on New York's nascent medical marijuana industry. If Cory Gardner and Nancy Pelosi want the federal government to leave most of this field to the states, their proper course is not to make life hard for the Justice Department until it agrees to stop enforcing the laws Congress has enacted.

That statement includes rescission of the Cole Memo, issued in 2013 and long regarded as providing a safe haven by cannabis entrepreneurs.

Sandoval is a moderate Republican and former federal judge who appointed Heller to the Senate in 2011 and talked with Sessions about marijuana policy last April.

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"Today the Attorney General rescinded the Cole Memo on marijuana prosecutions, and directed that federal marijuana prosecution decisions be governed by the same principles that have long governed all of our prosecution decisions". While Sessions technically gave federal prosecutors the right to go after anyone buying pot, marijuana attorney Brian Vicente doubts any government agencies would use self-admitted "finite resources" to bring charges against an average dispensary customer, especially one following Colorado state laws.

Other state officials expressed disappointment. "We had no idea it was coming, and like you, we woke up this morning to the news that there was new direction from Attorney General Sessions", she said.

There has been a surge in legalization of marijuana at the state level in recent years.

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Buying Marijuana Nothing about the Sessions memo changed how a dispensary operates, and it didn't force any state-legalized marijuana industries to shut down. But in the aftermath of Sessions' decision, he seems to have backtracked from that position.

The Obama-era policy recognized marijuana as a "dangerous drug", but said the Justice Department expected states and localities that authorized various uses to effectively regulate and police it.

Adult-use cannabis became legal in July in Nevada, where the federal prosecutor's office is now in transition.

Oregon's congressional delegation and state political leaders were swift in their condemnation of Session's announcement, arguing the Trump administration is being hypocritical on a common Republican refrain of states' rights and threatening to disrupt a burgeoning industry. Trump could nominate a replacement at any time or decide to keep Troyer, a career prosecutor and attorney.

Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden from OR, where marijuana is also legal, similarly blasted the move.

Brian Vicente, a Denver attorney who co-wrote Colorado's 2012 constitutional amendment legalizing recreation marijuana, said the industry will closely examine the background of any new us attorney nominees.

Most cannabis businesses are uncertain as to how this change will affect them, but many have faith in lawmakers to defend state laws. Now he's breaking that promise so Jeff Sessions can pursue his extremist anti-marijuana crusade. Brian Stretch and Joseph Harrington, the U.S. Attorneys for the respective districts, stated their opposition to legal pot even as the states where they work created the systems for selling retail marijuana. The open question is how broadly or narrowly that appropriations rider may be interpreted down the line, as it is an unsettled issue in the federal courts.