US Issues Highest Level 'Do Not Travel' Warning on Mexican States

US Issues Highest Level 'Do Not Travel' Warning on Mexican States

The new ranking is likely to be a boost to country's tourism sector, which has in the past been affected by America's warning on its nationals against travel to Kenya.

The travel advisory for Mexico also warned USA tourists to "exercise increased caution" - the second-lowest rating - in the country when visiting. But on Wednesday, an additional 11 states got a level-3 rating, placing half of the North American country under level-3 or 4 warnings. It said that the USA government has limited ability to provide emergency services to us citizens in rural areas from eastern Maharashtra and northern Telangana through western West Bengal as us government employees must obtain special authorization to travel to these areas. Afghanistan was placed in Level 4, "Do not travel" category for reasons that included terrorism, civil unrest and armed conflict.

Despite the advisory of large crime, reports from the Interior Ministry show that crime statistics have fallen by nearly ten percent within the last decade and 96 of its criminal gangs have been dismantled. Meanwhile, No. 3 advisories suggest travelers reconsider trips to designated locations, while No. 4 recommends against travel.

The programme, launched by the Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs on Wednesday, ranked countries based on the US' assessment of country's security situation with a four-level ranking system.

"Do not travel due to crime", it states.

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In Kingston, the State Department said violence and shootings occur regularly and prohibited travel to downtown Kingston, which it defined as the areas between Mountain View Avenue and Hagley Park Road and south of Half Way Tree and Old Hope Roads.

Travel in Jammu and Kashmir with the exception of travel within the city Jammu, travel by air to the city of Jammu, and travel within the region of Ladakh was advised against. Turkey, Russia and Venezuela are considered level 3.

The state department is concerned about violent crime in all of the five states but also warns of specific dangers in each one of them.

Michelle Bernier-Toth, acting deputy assistant secretary for Overseas Citizens Services, told reporters that while the system has changed, the way that the US assesses the threat level has not changed.

In September, the agency stated in a travel warning that, "numerous U.S. Embassy Havana employees have been targeted in specific attacks", suffering "significant injuries as a outcome of these attacks".