Snow and ice expected as temperatures set to plummet this evening

Snow and ice expected as temperatures set to plummet this evening

The Met Office has updated another warning of snow and ice in effect from 3pm on Tuesday until 9.30am on Wednesday.

On ground above between 500 and 800 feet, there could be between 3 and 6 cms of snow with some drifting also possible in the strong winds.

The Met Office has updated the yellow warning it issued at the weekend, which now comes into force at 8pm.

Forecaster Richard Jones said most of the snow overnight had fallen in a band in the east of the region, extending southwards as far as Kent.

Well, guess what? We're about to get more depressing, grey, freezing and wet conditions over the next 48 hours.

The yellow weather warning means be aware, although the forecast suggests heavy snowfall on Tuesday.

"It is reaching north-west Scotland and Northern Ireland this evening and then it will gradually work its way into north Wales and north-west England overnight, including a good chance of some fairly substantial settling of snow in those areas".

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"Showers are more likely along the north Norfolk coast on Tuesday while inland areas are likely to remain largely dry".

Campaigners have urged people to take extra care over the coming days amid forecasts for unsafe cold weather.

The Met Office's Chief Forecaster warned against roads covered with ice in Northern Ireland on Tuesday morning.

Temperatures in some parts of the country are expected to fall as low as minus five.

"Temperatures will dip to between 0C and -4C with a widespread frost and icy patches".

It states: "There is a 90-per cent probability of severe cold weather, icy conditions and snow between Sunday and Friday".

Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh, all 1-4, seem certain to be doused in snow by the end of the week, the bookies said.