Trudeau says he is talking to premiers about Trans Mountain pipeline battle

Trudeau says he is talking to premiers about Trans Mountain pipeline battle

It will be interesting as the ban goes on for longer, said Hynes-Dawson.

"I take that very seriously, and I will be resolute in protecting the interests of this great province".

"It only made sense for me to do this around Calgary and other parts of Alberta".

Trudeau's comments come a day after Notley ramped up pressure on the issue by banning B.C. wine imports, following an earlier announcement to halt electricity talks with B.C., in protest of the province's plan to limit increases of diluted bitumen shipments.

The pipeline in question is the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline that has been in talks for a while but has also been subject to serious speculation in regards to the environment.

"We're continuing to discuss and engage with the B.C. government, with the Alberta government", the prime minister before his weekly caucus meeting.

"And it is not just that the Alberta government has to step back on the boycott on the B.C. wine because proportionately that is an insignificant boycott, to be brutally honest, when you look at getting the oil to market".

Oceans said British Columbians are loyal to this province's wines.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe indicated his province supports Alberta in its fight over the pipeline expansion, but he doesn't think the dispute will be solved by trade measures that have an impact on consumers and private businesses.

He added that he had no intention of retaliatory action against Alberta and dispelled the rumours about a possible ban on beef.

But just last week Horgan suggested the opposite: it would be "premature" for Alberta to file a legal challenge against B.C. because "there's nothing to take to court". "So what Notley is effectively asking for is Horgan's resignation".

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"I'm not responding in any way other than saying I'll defend our wine industry".

"Nobody wins when there is a boycott and the political uncertainty it creates will threaten much needed investment in both provinces", said Dyas in a news release. Fodor, who is originally from B.C., now lives in Alberta and dreamt for years of opening his own winery. "These are small craft outfits and every sale helps and makes a difference to them".

But not everyone is on Alberta's side in the dispute.

He says that his bottom line will suffer as a result of Notley's ban. It is a problem for the whole of Canada, he argued, dampening investor confidence and hurting the country's reputation. It's the playground attitude of, "Well, I'm taking my toys and I'm going home".

Bottles of B.C. wine are not being removed from Alberta store shelves, she said.

"They (the licensees) would order... through a liquor agent and then we (the AGLC) would essentially order in what is being requested", explained Hynes-Dawson.

"The small independent wine makers, family-run businesses; this is their only livelihood".

"I think it's going to affect related sectors, such as hospitality, bed and breakfasts, transportation, restaurants - many things that are associated with wine", he said.

Backyard Vineyards owner Michelle Yang got the unsettling news on Tuesday that the Alberta Premier was trying to ban B.C. wines from her province.

"In the coming days, the Government of Alberta will be monitoring the situation and preparing further action".