Apple is making its own high-end noise-cancelling headphones

Apple is making its own high-end noise-cancelling headphones

In addition to that, the report says the new Apple headphones were scheduled to launch sometime at the end of this year. According to Bloomberg, the company is said to be developing a pair of over-ear headphones that will work similarly to AirPods in which they'll be simple to pair with your iOS device. The headphones will sit next to Apple's HomePod speaker which was released earlier this year.

As per the report, the rumored headphones will have noise-canceling capabilities and will sit in the high-end price segment.

Apple's AirPods earphones swept the market in an unexpected way and now, the Cupertino-based company hopes for an encore performance at the high end of the market.

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Researcher NPD Group said past year that sales of AirPods and Beats headphones gave Apple 27 percent of the wireless headphone market and nearly half the dollars spent on the category.

Apple's headphone ambitions put it in a collision course with already-popular brands like Sony, Samsung, and Sony - and Apple's own Beats by Dre. One area the company is now looking to make a bigger splash in is the headphone market. There's been no indication yet on when, if ever, Apple would release these headphones. Aside from noise-canceling functionality, the new headphones will reportedly have similar wireless pairing functionality to the AirPods.

Apple's cost for each $349 HomePod is $216, resulting in thinner profit margins than typical Apple hardware products, according to TechInsights. With the Apple-branded headphones, we could see a similar pricing, but add a successor to the W1 chip and improved internals and you have a very capable audio package that customers would love to purchase.