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Costa Rica Happy No More? Finland Tops 2018 Global Happiness Index

Costa Rica Happy No More? Finland Tops 2018 Global Happiness Index

This annual report takes into account, for the first time, data such as the well-being of migrants, which is in line with that of the country's population.

Finland is the happiest country in the world, according to a new report from the United Nations.

Bangladesh has slipped down five notches in this year's World Happiness Report rankings, but it remains a happier place than India and Sri Lanka.

Rounding out the top 10 happiest countries was Canada in sixth place, then New Zealand, Sweden and Australia. "I love the fact that we live with so many nationalities that the country embraces with full respect and no discrimination", Emirati Ahmed bin Al Sheikh said. The countries in the top spots should come as no surprise to anyone who peeked at last year's list. The GHC is a global network of independent thought leaders and academic specialists in happiness and key practitioners in areas ranging from psychology, economics, urban planning, civil society, business and government.

"The most striking finding of the report is the remarkable consistency between the happiness of immigrants and the locally born", said co-editor Professor John Helliwell of the University of British Columbia, Canada in a statement.

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Europe's Nordic nations, none particularly diverse, have dominated the index since it first was produced in 2012.

Four different countries have held top spot in the four most recent reports- Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and now Finland.

Happiness revealed in the survey comes from healthy amounts of both personal freedom and social security, outweighing "some of the highest taxes in the world", Wiking said to AP. Nordic countries are heralded for their progressive policies, free healthcare and education, which are believed to contribute to a higher quality of life. It said the United States is in the middle of "a complex and worsening public health crisis, involving.obesity, opioid addiction and major depressive disorder". To explain its fall to 18th, the report's authors cited several factors.

The country that came last in the report was Burundi, followed by Central African Republic at 155th and South Sudan at 154th. Finland is at the top of both rankings in this report, with the happiest immigrants, and the happiest population in general.

Latin America is renowned for corruption, high violence and crime rates, unequal distribution of income and widespread poverty, yet has consistently scored relatively highly in the happiness report. During the winter months, the sun doesn't rise at all for 51 days in Lapland, northern Finland.