Dog dies after United flight attendant forces it into overhead bin

Dog dies after United flight attendant forces it into overhead bin

A family claims they were told by a United Airlines flight attendant that they had to store their pet carrier in the overhead bin rather than under the seat.

But when they went to the United Airlines cargo facility after landing, they discovered a Great Dane dog waiting for them, who was supposed to end up in Japan.

The dog's death is the latest in a string of alarming customer service incidents for United, including an episode past year in which a passenger was dragged screaming off an overbooked flight at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago.

Something was not quite right with Prince Maddox.

"It's ludicrous to think Oscar's job would be in jeopardy", said Sara Nelson, global president of United's flight attendant union, the Association of Flight Attendants.

United Airline is one of those airlines that makes headlines all year round for all the wrong reasons.

Many travelers say they would have gotten off the flight immediately, but others say that is easier said than done.

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On Sunday, Sophia Ceballos, her two-month-old little brother and their mother, Catalina Robledo, were flying to NY with their 10-month-old French bulldog, Kokito.

The dog that died on flight was named Kokito and was a birthday present for a 11-year-old girl called Sophia. A week of headlines in British tabloids, such as "Now United's killing fluffy bunnies!", left its reputation in one of its most valuable foreign markets in tatters.

In a separate incident, the Swindle family was supposed to be flying their dog, Irgo, from OR to Kansas City on a United flight Tuesday.

In 2017, United had the highest number of animal deaths of any USA carriers, according to a Department of Transportation (DOT) report, with 18 animals killed and 13 injured in transport.

United has had the highest rate of pet deaths of any U.S. airline for the past three years.

A dog died on a United Airlines plane after a flight attendant ordered its owner to put the animal in the plane's overhead bin. Also, according to the DOT report for 2017, several of the animals had pre-existing health issues such as heart disease. A Southwest crew took heat for evicting an "emotional support peacock" from a flight. And I can't imagine how the pet's owner feels. I'm hoping they can put something into policy so that this will never happen again. When she found out, the passenger said the attendant "seemed frazzled and shocked".

It comes as a heartbroken family's dog died on-board a United plane earlier this week. "A flight attendant says put a pooch in the overhead, well that's when you say time out that's not proper".