Katy Perry: I'll be a straight shooter on American Idol

Katy Perry: I'll be a straight shooter on American Idol

Emmy Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest, who represents the heart and soul of the show, returns as host of the beloved series to walk with these Idol hopefuls through this adventure toward stardom. The stigma of music competition series (not to mention their failure to create big stars in recent years) may actively deter potential superstars from considering the show. The ABC iteration of "Idol" continues the tradition of heartwarming video packages and interviews, thus making it easy to root for the different contestants. There are still the odd contestants who think they know more than the judges (that's life), but there are many others who are kind, sweet, and excited to be in front of Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan.

Like the original American Idol, we have to sit through a round of auditions before we get to the actual competitors. He will be the something old, but there are three new judges. But the show, at its core, works in format and works in premise.

The problem is that they generally appear too committed to their fun, laid-back approach.

"Duets" didn't fare too badly in the ratings: It averaged a 1.2 in adults 18-49 and 4.93 million viewers, not bad for a summer show. "We say to you from Hollywood: Goodnight, America".

"I heard that Luke was coming on and we were all wondering what the third position would be and I was really gung-ho about Lionel coming in from day one", Katy Perry revealed to E! And you still might not get enough hits to really make sure that the song sticks.

Everyone's favorite singing competition, American Idol, is back from the dead-or, more aptly, American Idol is back from a nap. "They need, like, a real legit American Idol".

That kind of hypocrisy is something American Idol is particularly good at.

UCI boss wants to investigate Team Sky after damaging report
When Team Sky was launched, I remember. they say , "We will be clean, we will win races and be clean, more white than white". The report claimed Sky were using the TUEs to enhance their riders' performance, and not just to treat medical issues.

Lionel Richie: "I love the quality of your voice".

I wondered if this might be related to his former stylist, Suzie Hardie, saying he harassed her for years, claims that included, as Variety reported, "grinding his erect penis against her while clad only in his underwear, groping her vagina, and at one point slapping her buttock so hard that it left a large welt still visible hours later". Partly due to the rotating judges. And we know exactly how it feels. And then it happens to you and you go, oh my goodness, is it actually happening. "I consider myself the instructor basically". We crossed paths [and it] was one of those things where it got extended by two more hours because he was just telling us all these stories.

"I just want to say that that was different".

"We really encourage them", she added.

Luke Bryan: "You have a great voice". "So I just went to a restaurant down the street for hot water and soup, and when I got back I nearly missed my turn".

Grace, who previously attended Mockingbird Elementary and Coppell Middle School East before homeschooling, moved to McKinney just over a year ago. But executives at ABC and Fremantle seem irked (and perhaps rightly) by the persistent questions about Idol's financial viability. I'm on the emotional ride with these kids. Those moments where... they come in very unassuming... then they start singing and magic starts happening.

The season premiere of ABC's "American Idol" airs at 8PM ET/PT on Sunday, March 11.