Putin was sure Crimea's reunification with Russian Federation to be followed by sanctions

Putin was sure Crimea's reunification with Russian Federation to be followed by sanctions

Both Putin and Trump met during various global summits previous year and Putin said that "I have no disappointment at all", When asked about meeting President Trump.

A man with whom "you can search for a compromise".

"I'm not disappointed with my opposite number, I'm increasingly disappointed with the system itself" in the U.S., Putin said in a documentary produced by state television released online on Wednesday.

Putin has betrayed increasing frustration over the growing standoff with the USA, which has quashed hopes that Trump raised during his presidential campaign of turning a new page in ties between the two powers.

"On the official side, what the Russians would like to do with me more than anything is to arrest me, get me back to Russia and then kill me within the control of their own system".

"Those who serve us with poison will eventually swallow it and poison themselves", he said.

Asked about the tense relationship, Putin said it's based on the West's efforts to weaken Russian Federation.

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"I made some exaggerations", the action-loving Russian leader said with a grin. He said that when the two sat next to each other at the G20 summit in Hamburg last summer, they talked about wildlife and fishing in Russian Federation.

After a pro-West government was installed in Kyiv, Moscow responded by seizing control of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in March 2014 and fomenting separatism across much of the country - one of the causes of a war that has killed more than 10,300 people in eastern Ukraine since April 2014 and displaced more than 1.6 million Ukrainians. Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again stressed the importance of understanding the lessons of history.

"Some numbers [of Russians] were to be exterminated and some other numbers would be used as laborers at assigned works, and those whom the Germans couldn't use as slaves would be resettled to in the extreme North", Putin said.

He made clear that if Russian Federation was under attack and faced being wiped out, then the world would not be worth saving.

'A decision about using nuclear weapon can be made only if our missile warning system recorded not only the launch of missiles, but also gave an accurate prediction of flight trajectories and the time when the warheads fall on Russian Federation'.

Steele reportedly wrote the separate memo in November 2016 citing a senior Russian official's claim that the Kremlin believed it had managed to influence the USA president to favour a more Russia-friendly option who could help ease the sanctions over Ukraine crisis, The New Yorker reported on Monday.