Art Dealer Killed in Trump Tower Fire

Art Dealer Killed in Trump Tower Fire

Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan in 2009. Soon, flames could be seen making their way across the unit as dark plumes of smoke billowed upward, obstructing numerous floors above. The medical examiner's office will determine his cause of death.

The New York Police Department warned of traffic and road closures in the area.

A firefighter looks out from the window of a fire damaged apartment in Trump Tower in NY on Saturday, April 7, 2018.

Firefighters reported smoke throughout tower and inspected Trump's residence but did not say if it was damaged. Firemen (and women) did a great job.

Six firefighters suffered injuries that are not life threatening, Conroy was quoted as saying by the channel. "THANK YOU!" the president tweeted.

No members of the Trump family were at the tower during the fire, Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said.

The 67-year-old victim, identified as Todd Brassner, was the occupant of a 50th-floor residence where the fire started, WNBC reports.

NY fire commissioner Donald Nigro said the 50th floor apartment was "virtually entirely on fire". One man died in the blaze, and four firefighters were injured.

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At the time the legislation was being talked about, Mr. Trump had actually simply begun building on a 72-story tower near the United Nations, and he consequently stated he would set up sprinklers there at an expense of $3 million.

The department said 200 firefighters and EMS members were at the scene of the fire to bring the blaze under control.

Neither Mr. Trump or any of his household remained in the structure at the time of the fire.

Several residents also spoke of the fear and chaos that erupted after they realized their building was on fire.

The skyscraper was opened in 1984 and has no sprinklers on its residential floors - an arrangement required in buildings made after 1999.

"It was a very frightful experience. there was no evacuation system in place. we were at a loss of what to do", she said.

Eric later called out mental health counselor Jeffrey Guterman, who tweeted that he hoped the fire at Trump Tower continued. "All we could do is put wet towels under the door and pray".