Cynthia Nixon Receives Endorsement from New York Progressive Action Network

Cynthia Nixon Receives Endorsement from New York Progressive Action Network

While it is no big secret that the "Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon is running for governor of NY.

The endorsement, was hinted at on Friday when two influential labor unions-the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Communications Workers of America-announced they were cutting ties with the state party, signaling their support for incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Executive director, Bill Lipton, says many in the party blame Cuomo for the continued control of the State Senate by Republicans, saying Cuomo didn't do enough to help Democrats win seats and mend differences. Nixon made a point to criticize such tactics on Saturday, and she had already been characterizing Cuomo as a Trump-like bully.

She said that NY would be different if she were in charge, she promised to end cash bail, make NY a sanctuary state for immigrants, and phase out fossil fuels.

NYPAN co-chair Traci Strickland stated: "Cynthia Nixon, who, unlike the incumbent, is not an ambitious career politician, is not deterred by Cuomo's horde of millions of campaign dollars collected nearly exclusively from the 1% of corporate polluters, hedge fund billionaires, real estate speculators and other rich special interests". Despite the attention here campaign's received online, most polls show her trailing Cuomo by almost 50 points.

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"Big donors and powerful political insiders have held too much power in Albany for too long", Lipton said in a statement.

Nixon, the Sex and the City star, declined to commit to run her campaign through November should she lose the Democratic primary.

"If by some fluke I do not, then I will confer with the Working Families Party, and we will sit down together, and we will hash it out".