Fortnite vending machines - Where are all the vending machines locations in Fortnite?

Fortnite vending machines - Where are all the vending machines locations in Fortnite?

There's also no limit to the number of items a vending machine can produce, so these certainly have the potential of producing some well-armed enemies if enough people find them.

In exchange for materials, vending machines promise "three different deals, rarity and items chosen at random", so reads update v3.4's patch notes.

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Just like loot llamas, these new Fortnite vending machines are scattered across the map. They act very similarly to treasure chests, which sometimes appear in their usual spot, but at other times they've vanished. The problem is that you need to find one to take advantage of the opportunity to buy weapons and items from them. However, with 100 players populating a round, there's a high chance of encountering hostiles near to the machines.

This is by no means a definitive list but will give fans an idea of where to find all the vending machines locations discovered so far. That rarity dictates the price, with the rarer items demanding more mats. Today's patch is all about content, and it adds an interesting new feature to Battle Royale: vending machines. I wouldn't call it "meta-changing", but it's certainly nice to have another use for all of those excess materials, which often end up getting wasted. The machines will cycle through the options automatically, or you can hit them with your pickaxe to speed up the process. Common items start at 100 materials, for example, while legendary items will set players back 500. With a recent slew of problems that have affected the game from server issues to game related bugs like the shotgun critical damage glitch, Epic has made a decision to slow its schedule and release a new patch every two weeks.