God of War (PS4): Few things to know before buying the game

God of War (PS4): Few things to know before buying the game

Most of all, you'll sit mesmerized as the game unfolds before you, taking pride in every puzzle solved, every very big beast felled, every obscure chest or artifact discovered off the beaten path. One of the first talismans you find in God of War grants Kratos health regeneration for a couple of seconds. Ashley Graham, the daughter of the president, has been kidnapped and taken to a rural village in Spain, and the player controls a special agent tasked with finding her. Ashley can be annoying-you'll definitely get exhausted of her yelling "Leon!"-but the game makes some smart, frustration-reducing modifications to the escort formula". However, the nature of the game allows you to continue exploring the world.

In short, the initial Mystic Gateway you unlock only moves you in one direction to one of the other fast travel locations.

Talismans can be acquired in a few different ways in God of War. It's content that isn't marked by an icon on your map either, so be sure to look around every corner you can.

Though, if you want to upgrade your experience then you'll have to wait a little longer as God of War Collector's Edition and Limited Edition have been delayed in India.

If you're purely focused on gameplay, this is an easy fix. If you feel this way, don't fret. Being tenacious about checking corner will reward you.

All of this and more are what makes an already excellent game with an wonderful story and an inspiring premise even more worth the wait.

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Barlog admits he hasn't yet told her the full story behind the game. Chests, vases, crates and many other things can be smashed, and you'll often miss things as they blend into the world, so it's better to be safe rather than sorry and just smash everything in sight.

In the video, you get a good look at Kratos' more grizzled features as well as his son, Atreus. Listen and soak them up. There are a ton of great encounters along the way, but I have a special place in my heart for the ghastly Kraken you face off with towards the end.

This is one of my favourite parts of the game. With Atreus now at his side, everything is more considered and deliberate. The Lord of the Rings game for the Super Nintendo gives you the entire fellowship and makes them all useless, wandering off in random directions to get stuck in trees or slaughtered by orcs.

This time around you'll be using the Leviathan Axe instead of Kratos' blades. They literally serve no other objective either. Depending on the type of arrows that you have, you can stun enemies or deal massive damage.

When fighting off enemies, don't forget that you have Atreus as your support. Don't forget the difference as I did.

But being a heavy duty weapon, it also means combat in this God Of War is more about timing attacks and counters as well as dodging and parrying attacks from several enemies as they close in at once.