Key rebel group cedes stronghold to Syrian forces

Key rebel group cedes stronghold to Syrian forces

Only two months ago, Trump's aides thought they'd persuaded him that the USA needed to keep its presence in Syria open-ended - not only because the Islamic State group has yet to be entirely defeated, but also because the resulting power vacuum could be filled by other extremist groups or by Iran. Then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced the funding last month at an aid conference in Kuwait.

But by mid-February, Trump was telling his top aides in meetings that as soon as victory can be declared against IS, he wanted American troops out of Syria, said the officials.

Those remarks threw State Department officials off balance. And Trump, who increasingly makes foreign policy announcements without seeking the advice of U.S. generals or diplomats, wants out.

The White House has instructed the State Department to freeze over $200 million in funds earmarked for "recovery efforts" in Syria, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

"The United States is working every day on the ground and with the global community to help stabilize those areas liberated from ISIS and identify ways to move forward with reconstruction once there has been a peaceful political transition away from (Syrian President Bashar al-) Assad", the statement said.

"To abandon your home is to abandon your soul", he said.

"By the way, we are knocking the hell out of ISIS".

"My hope is that my sons who are in Ghouta get out, and that the ones who are detainees get out, and to bring my children together so we all live together", said Gharmoush. In his OH comments predicting a USA departure from Syria, he said, "Let other people take care of it now".

Leaving Syria would "be the single worst decision the president could make", Republican Sen.

Dunbar was assigned to the headquarters of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Adrian Rankine-Galloway, a Pentagon spokesman.

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Mr Trump's advisers including Defence Secretary James Mattis and other officials "will at least for now overpower Trump's tendency to just pack up and leave".

The American and British soldiers killed last week in Manbij, Syria were "conducting a mission to kill or capture a known ISIS member", Pentagon spokesperson Maj.

Yet it's unclear how Trump's impulse to pull out could be affected by recent staff shake-ups on his national security team.

Trump's view on Syria may put him at odds with those of former USA ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, named by Trump a week ago to replace H.R. McMaster as White House national security adviser. But Trump also replaced McMaster with John Bolton, a vocal advocate for USA intervention and aggressive use of the military overseas.

The explosion also injured five others, the US-led coalition in Syria has said.

The president also spoke as CNN reported that the USA military is "working on plans to send dozens of additional US troops to northern Syria".

"Twelve buses carrying 629 Jaish al Islam terrorists and their families exited preparation of them being transported to Jarablus", regime news agency SANA reported, using the regime's term for all rebel fighters.

Syria has been gripped by foreign-backed militancy since March 2011. It was controlled by ISIS, but taken over in the summer of 2016 by Kurdish and Arab forces, trained by US forces.

USA and United Kingdom defense officials on Saturday released the names of the two troops who were killed this week in an improvised explosive device attack in the Manbij area of Syria. "Very soon, we're coming out".