Kim Jong-un apparently made song request at S. Korea's Pyongyang concert

Kim Jong-un apparently made song request at S. Korea's Pyongyang concert

During the first performance, 11 Korean acts were in the lineup: Cho Yong-pil, Lee Sun-hee, Choi Jin-hee, Yoon Do-hyun, Baek Ji-young, Red Velvet, Jungin, Seohyun, Ali, Kang San-eh and Kim Kwang-min. "North Korean refugees overwhelmingly and consistently report that it has become more risky to consume foreign media under Kim Jong Un's crackdowns", Sokeel Park, the South Korea country director for refugee aid organisation Liberty in North Korea, said on Twitter. How North Koreans would react to Red Velvet was a focus of keen media attention in South Korea. Experts say it's unlikely, and the flurry of meetings, events and diplomatic activity is merely a facade for more strategic goals, including the dividing of allies and the easing of biting sanctions amid the USA -led "maximum pressure" campaign of President Donald Trump. KCNA denounced a South Korean foreign ministry spokesman for stating that he hoped to see "improvement of the human rights situation in the north".

A high-ranking North Korean official apologized to South Korean reporters for restricting access to a Pyongyang concert staged by major K-Pop artists.

Red Velvet member Seulgi said she cried when North and South Koreans together sang "Our Wish is Unification".

However, the United States has said that its leader will only hold talks with Kim if North Korea agrees to denuclearize, after Trump agreed to meet him.

The North Korean leader appeared in a group photograph with the performers, distributed by North Korean media.

The world's eyes were on North Korea last weekend as a 160-member art troupe from South Korea flew over for a series of concerts as part of the two countries' ongoing diplomatic efforts, making this the first time in 13 years that South Korean artists performed in the North.

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After the concert, Kim referred specifically to Red Velvet, a K-pop sensation hugely popular in South Korea. It also might be seeking to break out of isolation by making most of the momentum of dialogue on the peninsula, preparing itself in case talks with the U.S. falls through. The concert highlights the thawing ties between the rivals after years of friction over the North's nuclear program.

This comes after South Korean media were reportedly barred from the concert hall where the anticipated performance of South Korean musicians took place from 6:50 p.m. Seoul time.

Some people were infuriated by Yeri saying that she was honoured to shake the North Korean dictator's hand. During a past period of detente, South Korea occasionally sent pop singers to North Korea, but that stopped in 2005. Kim shook hands with South Korean performers and took a group photo with them after their performance.

Kim Jong Un also expressed his joy publicly as he spoke to the visitors stating, "Please tell (South Korean) President Moon Jae-in how great an event like this is".

After the performance, the South Korean artists and a taekwondo demonstration team will attend a dinner hosted by North Korean culture minister Pak Chun-nam. When South Korea used to air drop in media like DVDs, North Korea would respond extremely harshly. He even reportedly posed with the band in a gesture of enormous significance, given that North Korea generally resists cultural infiltration from anywhere outside its borders, especially where the South is concerned.