More than 1000 gun cartridges found in Waffle House shooter's home

More than 1000 gun cartridges found in Waffle House shooter's home

Police said Reinking stole a BMW days before the attack.

An audio recording released from a computer fix shop shows that a man accused of killing four people at a Nashville Waffle House was fearful that someone had hacked his laptop.

One of those who died in the carnage was Joe Perez, a 20-year-old customer from Nashville.

Darlene Sustrich is the co-owner of a Colorado crane company where the suspect in the deadly Waffle House shooting once worked.

Warner said corporate staff met with the restaurant's cooks and waitresses Wednesday morning. There are people in any community during an event like this where the tensions are high and we have to protect him from them.

The owner of Dang It Repair said Travis Reinking initially took his computer to the shop because he thought someone had hacked into it.

IL police reports also paint a portrait of a fretful, volatile young man who, in one instance, blew up at an employee of his father's crane company, waved an AR-15 rifle around before putting it in his vehicle, and then driving to a local swimming pool while wearing a women's pink overcoat before diving into the water and exposing himself. "This monster who killed four people, that wasn't the same guy I knew here".

A man wearing nothing but a green jacket and brandishing an assault-style rifle attacked the restaurant early Sunday. Police credit score restaurant patron James Shaw Jr. with disarming the gunman and averting extra bloodshed.

Inspectors collect samples from Syria site
Both agents believed to be used in the attack degrade over time, making tests for the actual agent hard , he said. The town was controlled by rebels until Russian-backed regime forces fully retook it last week.

The gunman was captured by police on Monday.

The laptop Hartline described matches the description of the laptop police seized from Reinking's apartment on Sunday, according to a search warrant.

Reinking faces multiple charges, including four counts of criminal homicide. An attorney from the Davidson County Public Defenders Office has been appointed to represent him. They said Reinking lived alone in Salida, a rural town outside of Colorado Springs, and liked to play video games in which "shooting guns was involved", according to a police record of the interview.

The onetime crane operator bounced between states and suffered from delusions, sometimes talking about plans to marry Taylor Swift, friends and relatives told authorities. When Reinking was arrested outside the White House in July for trying to cross a security barrier, he declared himself "a sovereign citizen" who was trying to speak with President Trump, according to a D.C. police report.

Authorities arrested Reinking peacefully in a wooded area less than a mile from the scene of the shooting. Reinking was not armed, but at the FBI's request, IL police revoked his state firearms card and seized four guns from him, authorities said.

Police say Reinking drove into the Waffle House parking lot in his gold Chevy Silverado pickup early Sunday and sat there for about four minutes before opening fire. "The person I knew would not have done this".

Turley said also Reinking never expressed any allegiance to anti-government beliefs, nor did he seem to be racist or advocate for white supremacy.