Mortal remains of martyrs who died in Iraq arrive in Kolkata

Mortal remains of martyrs who died in Iraq arrive in Kolkata

"I am grieved that our people have been killed on foreign soil by the terrorists", said Sidhu while making it clear that the Punjab Government, in collaboration with the Union Government, would take stringent action against the travel agents sending youth overseas by unfair means.

The body of one worker - Raju Yadav, a native of Bihar state - could not be brought back as DNA testing on him had not yet been completed, said India's Minister of State for External Affairs, V.K. Singh, who accompanied the caskets of the 38 from Iraq.

"Should we take it that the government did not acknowledge them as Indians?"

The remains of the 38 men reached the country on Monday almost four years after they went missing and were identified through DNA and forensic tests.

He said there was no record of the 40 workers in any embassy.

"When tests were conducted (on mortal remains) it was found that some persons were killed by bullets and however, in some cases, it is very hard to say as to how they were killed", he said.

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He added: "We do not have a contract, any understanding, formal or informal, with Israel for them to dump their refugees here". Many others were detention centres, where they were pressured to accept payments to leave Israel .

"They were not killed because they were illegal immigrants, but due to their nationality, that is Indian". They migrated through illegal agents. "Had there been any information that these persons (40 Indian men) were in crisis at a particular location, we would have rescued them", he told reporters. Initially, they refused to leave the place, saying they were not in danger.

Iraq's Ambassador to the United States Fareed Yasseen said on Tuesday that his country still needs the support of the US-led coalition to continue the next phase of the fight against the Daesh terror group. "Should not they have been rescued being Indian nationals in such a situation?" she asked. "He said, 'Have you ask us before coming here?' We in India and they in Iraq kept contacting Indian officials, but the efforts bore no fruits", the resident of Sangoana village in Amritsar district said.

"Arrogance has gone to the head of Modi government and its ministers. If they were from any other state, they would have been saved like the nurses from Kerala", he said. "Prime Minister must give Rs 1 crore of compensation and a job to each one of these families", he added.

Manish Kumar, brother of Harish Kumar, said, the minister should have thought about the pain of the victims' families before making the comments.

On the issue of compensation, he said, "This is not something as easy as distributing biscuits".

"I am sent specially by the Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh to share the grief of the bereaved families and it is as per his directions that I am announcing Government job as per qualification to a member of the bereaved families besides Rs five lakh cash", said Sidhu while addressing a press conference at the airport.