Russia Begins Blocking Messaging App Telegram

Russia Begins Blocking Messaging App Telegram

Some Russian Telegram users, including members of government agencies, are skirting the ban by using VPNs.

Telegram has stated that they do not hold master keys that would allow them to decrypt user messages. It has demanded that two top software companies eliminate the app.

In its zeal to shut down Telegram, which was founded by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov and his brother in 2013, millions of ordinary Russians, their businesses, and others have found themselves entangled in a cyber dragnet along with much bigger entities.

Major banks and online stores are among those caught up in the digital crackdown, as well as the messaging app Viber.

"Initially, 655,352 Amazon IP addresses were placed on Russia's nationwide blacklist".

"We consider the decision to block the app to be unconstitutional and we will continue", he said in a statement posted on social media Monday.

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Russian Federation began blocking access to the popular messaging app Telegram yesterday in one of its biggest crackdowns on the internet.

But as users flocked to virtual private networks and proxy services to reach Telegram from their mobile devices and computers-or resorted to building their own-government censors added large swaths of IP addresses to the block list.

She said the protesters had flown paper planes - Telegram's logo - at the FSB building.

If Apple and Google comply with the requests to remove Telegram from their regional app stores, this won't be the first time Telegram has been removed. Users may need a VPN to ensure continued access to the app. It was reported that the hackers, which were linked to a Russian cybercriminal group, started doing this in March 2017. Telegram has always been criticised for providing a messaging service that became known as the "app of choice" for drug traffickers and terrorists, in particular from ISIL. Most of the developers behind Telegram originally come from St. Petersburg, but made a decision to leave Russian Federation due to the country's IT regulations.

"A Telegram just keeps working and working...", - commented on the cartoon in Deutsche Welle.