'The Walking Dead' season finale finally wraps up the Saviors' storyline

'The Walking Dead' season finale finally wraps up the Saviors' storyline

The Walking Dead's eighth season finale brought the all out war between Rick and Negan to a bloody climax, but one that - surprisingly for this show - didn't end with a major death.

Pregnant Maggie, Rick's longtime friend, was furious that Rick didn't finish Negan off because Negan had beaten to death her husband Glenn.

Another season of The Walking Dead is over, and still no answer about the MIA Heath (Corey Hawkins). When he let Dwight go in the woods with a auto, I thought for sure that Daryl was letting his anger go. But he notes that Al hasn't shared her story and I'm sure she's got a good one. Therefore, viewers will just have to wait until Episode 2 airs next Sunday to find out whom it means. And I think in that moment, in that fleeting moment, that's when he decides, if I continue with this, if I don't try to save this man's life, it's over. I hope that the people who have been watching that show still see what they love in the show, which I think are the characters.

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman explained on Talking Dead that this was a "huge turning point" for Rick. Still to come: details of how John and Laura were parted, which he says is "not a very happy story".

"The show evolves.... They're facing different problems, They're facing different problems with each other". Chaos and violence have reigned on The Walking Dead for so long; it's time for optimism, stability and signs of progress - a model for what revamped civilization could look like after so many men led it to the brink of extinction. Eugene double-crossed Negan, using faulty bullets to take down his army of Saviours. But otherwise it's just going to be Jeffrey Dean Morgan sitting in a cell until his eventual release or escape, which isn't going to be that much fun to watch on TV (just another of many things that will get lost in translation with that character). In the moment, it's hard to tell how Rick takes the news; on one hand, would it be easier to accept his son's death, if he had been forced to fight the walker to defend himself and his new friend? Following on from his tactical advantage the previous week, the baseball bat-wielding maniac had his opponents surrounded, only for a rug-pull to reveal Eugene had made faulty ammo. He was always about self-preservation. But Rick called for Siddiq to save Negan, much to Maggie Greene Rhee's anguish and fury. But he met Abraham Ford. Unsurprisingly, she begins with the Hilltop's former leader, Gregory - executing him by hanging for his endangerment of her people. They engage in a faceoff trying to fight off the group and Morgan ends up getting shot in the leg. Soon would come another long-winded speech from Rick, one that paled in comparison to his plea to The Governor (David Morse) back in season four's "Too Far Gone".

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"When we did do that, and what Lauren does with that scene is like Michael Corleone", Gimple said.

Maggie won't be able to show him if she's not on the show, though.

In a following scene, Rick and Morgan talk before heading out to face the Saviors, with Rick suggesting Morgan stay behind. For example, when she kills a Savior and sends him in a box to Negan, she thought she was demonstrating her strength, but in reality, she was just sinking down to Negan's "eye-for-an-eye" level. "That certainly isn't off the menu for Jesus".