Trump casts doubt on timing of any Syria strike over gas attack

Trump casts doubt on timing of any Syria strike over gas attack

MSNBC also reported United States officials had obtained blood and urine samples from victims of the alleged chemical attack in Syria last weekend and the samples tested positive for chemicals, mainly for chlorine and some for a nerve agent.

He would give the green light to launch a military offensive alongside the United States "once we have verified all the information" to remove "the regime's chemical attacks capabilities", he told TF1 television. Macron's statements came after a telephone conversation the day before with his U.S. counterpart, Donald Trump.

US President Donald Trump is still weighing options for military action against Syria.

Germany wanted, however, to ensure "that all efforts are made to demonstrate that this attack with chemical weapons is not acceptable", she said. In fact, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) corroborated that Damascus delivered and destroyed all its toxic weapons in 2014. There was also no indication that Syrian government forces had entered Douma on Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

Although he backed the Saudi-led coalition's actions in Yemen against Houthis, Macron said he would host a conference in the coming months to see what more could be done regarding the humanitarian situation.

Britain now conducts air strikes in Syria from its military base in Cyprus, but only against targets linked to the Islamic State militant group.

Seven Iranians were killed in strike on Syrian air base: Tasnim
Under the 2015 agreement , Iran promised to scale back its nuclear enrichment and give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Qazipour has demanded that Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani take measures to halt the run on the rial.

Last week, an attack on Douma left at least 70 people dead, of which 40 showed signs of exposure to chemical toxins.

Britain's Ministry of Defense refused to comment on reports that Royal Navy submarines armed with cruise missiles have been dispatched to within range of Syria.

The French government aims to achieve 2 pct growth in 2018, the best economic performance in six years, President Emmanuel Macron's office said on Wednesday in a statement after a cabinet meeting.

"Never said when an attack on Syria would take place".

Macron made the announcement following talks with visiting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, noting that a decision would be "in the coming days", in conjunction with the USA and UK, AFP reported on Tuesday. This reflects a view in the White House that deeper Russian and Iranian involvement in Syria have complicated calculations about a response to any US military attack, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

There was no immediate confirmation or indication from Assad's government that Syrian troops entered Douma on Thursday.