UK: May "could lose her job" if she backtracks on Customs Union

UK: May

"The FTA argues that while leaving the Customs Union will lengthen transit times in terms of border checks, and add red tape" in terms of customs formalities for traders, leaving the European single market could have an even greater impact on trade, with border controls and regulatory barriers being forced on importers and exporters.

"I am pretty confident that that will be defeated when the vote does come, not todays vote by the way which is pretty meaningless".

Thursday's vote is nonbinding, but it could flush out Conservative supporters of a closer customs relationship ahead of an expected crunch vote on the matter, which is expected when the Trade Bill returns to the House of Commons in the next few weeks.

Saying she was "not going to be drawn" on the issue, Ms Rudd said the Government was "still working on" its position, which would require further discussions with Cabinet colleagues.

The PM has been at pains to reassure anxious Brexiteers in her party that she will not be swayed by attempts in parliament - including a defeat in the House of Lords last week - to keep Britain in the customs union.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has appeared to cast doubt on the government's policy of not being in a customs union with the EU after Brexit. The so-called "Withdrawal Agreement" mapping most of this out is set to be cleared at an European Union leaders' summit next October.

They could rationalize a vote against May as acting in the best interests of the UK. If we were to do a special customs union deal, it will stop us trading with any other Country.

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"Legal backstop option -. keeping Northern Ireland in the customs union", the deck says.

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator emphasised that for the EU27, only 6% of trade is with the United Kingdom, while 60% of trade takes place within the single market; this means that the economic impact of Brexit will be limited he argued.

However, when asked last month by MPs on the House of Commons European scrutiny committee which of the U.K.'s two customs proposals he preferred, Davis said: "What is the point of paying consultants to do this work and to make the decision in advance?"

Since losing her Conservatives' majority in parliament in an ill-judged election a year ago, the prime minister is dependent on a small Northern Irish party which opposes a backstop agreement with the European Union that would see the province become more aligned with the bloc than with mainland Britain. May's government is already showing "a steady shift to a soft Brexit", she wrote in the presentation.

In light of the Government's own impact assessments and the lack of progress on any new trade deals, any economic case for ruling out a customs union has collapsed.

"There is a lot to do in the Home Office", she said.

She is joined by other Conservative lawmakers, who have long said that May's insistence that Britain will leave the EU's single market and customs union could isolate and harm the world's fifth largest economy.