'Hostile' Strikes Target Military Bases in Hama and Aleppo, Syria Says

'Hostile' Strikes Target Military Bases in Hama and Aleppo, Syria Says

Missile strikes overnight in central Syria killed at least 26 pro-regime fighters, majority Iranians, a monitor said on Monday.

Missile attacks were reported at two of Syria's military facilities on the night of April 29.

"At least 26 fighters were killed, including four Syrians", in the Hama strike, said Rami Abdel Rahman, who heads the Britain-based monitoring group.

"All these reports over attack on an Iranian military base in Syria and the martyrdom of several Iranian military advisers in Syria are baseless", the source said.

President Trump's recent military strike against Syria after the Assad regime's alleged use of chemical weapons was necessary, but not sufficient, says retired four-star general Jack Keane.

Syria remains technically at war with neighbouring Israel, which is concerned at the growing presence of Iranian forces and those of Tehran's Lebanese ally Hezbollah on Syrian territory.

Syrian regime media late Sunday had denounced a "fresh aggression" following reported raids by "enemy missiles".

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A missile attack on Syria's T4 air base in central province of Homs earlier this month was blamed on Israel. He also stated that Israel will not permit Iran, which has sent thousands of troops into Syria, to establish bases from which it can fire missiles.

As a result of rocket Israeli attack on arms depots of the Syrian army in the provinces of Hama and Aleppo destroyed a factory for the production of missiles. And it will attack Syria or Iran if fired at, he added. More information can be found in the material "In 10 days: Iran will answer the bloody questions posed by Israel". Strong ties with Israel, he added, are "critical to our efforts to counter Iran's destabilizing and malign activity throughout the Middle East, and indeed throughout the world".

The United States, Jordan and Assad's main ally Russian Federation have declared a ceasefire zone in southwest Syria, near the border with Israel, and on Monday Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington's strategy there "remains unchanged".

The strikes targeted Iranian Shiite militia outposts near the village of Maarin al-Jabal. "They seemed reticent to engage, they didn't want to expose themselves in the skies over Syria".

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will issue a statement Monday at 8 PM on a significant development regarding the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Israel's largely successful ploy till now has been to play both sides of the Syrian war - assisting its United States patron in keeping Iran on the back foot while cooperating with a Russian military committed to stabilising the Syrian government. They see Iran's forces, partnered by those of Lebanon and Hezbollah, the Syrian Army and the abundance of Shia militants active in the area as a direct threat to their security interests, and unlike the United Kingdom they do not have to care about public opinion at home regading any military engagement.