South and North Korea Groups unite table tennis world championships

South and North Korea Groups unite table tennis world championships

Though there was no victory to cheer, there was still plenty to celebrate as a unified Korean table tennis team made history and provided another symbolic moment in the continued rapprochement between two countries still technically at war.

The unified Korean team is guaranteed a place on the podium and medals regardless of their semi-final result.

Last week diplomatic rapprochement broke historic ground when North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's visited the south for a summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. This cooperation included the North-South combined women's table tennis team championship win over China in 1991, and a unified world youth boys' soccer team that reached the quarterfinals later that year. South Korea's standing is 5th while North Korea is down at 22nd. Incredibly - and perhaps for the first time in sporting competition - the tournament's organisers agreed the two teams could merge, and they will now face either Japan or Ukraine in the final four on Friday.

After a trilateral meeting on Thursday, officials of the table tennis associations of the two Koreas and the International Table Tennis Federation announced that the two Korean squads will play in the semifinals as a unified team.

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North and South Korea have been on account of play one another within the quarterfinals of the World Workforce Desk Tennis Championships in Halmstad, Sweden, however as an alternative of going head-to-head determined to kind a unified workforce.

"Until now, table tennis has been involved in the push for world peace, and this is the fruit of that effort", said Ichiro Hoshino, the executive director of the Japan Table Tennis Association.

The decision in Sweden is the second time the two nations have joined together in sports.

Table tennis additionally comes with an background in diplomacy. North Korea boycotted the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Olympics, both held in Seoul.